Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about SATURN and Career Astrology.

We start off with a look at who you are and what you need to feel fulfilled. I then share potential ways to activate your purpose through roles and/or potential business ideas. Throughout the reading I will share who to best activate your superpowers and the types of people you need to help you thrive. I will also add in practical advice to make our session actionable. Example: How to manage challenges that will show up and when certain cycles of growth will start and end. Once you implement these insights after your reading, you’ll start to see major shifts. In fact, by booking your Career Astrology Reading, already things are shifting for you. 

Career Astrology provides insights into next steps in your career, whether you're pivoting or starting a business, it help you feel more confident and ready to take your next steps. It covers topics like the best jobs where you will feel fulfilled, types of busineses to start and when is the best time to do it, periods of growth where you will feel challenges and celebrations, and how to build momentum in your professional life. You'll find that once you dive into career astrology, it will provide a way forward if you've been feeling stuck and/or conflicted. 

SATURN is a career focused astrology resource. It uses your birth information to provide insights into your personality, relationships, personal development, professional path, purpose, and more. SATURN was created by Alice Hu, Career Astrologer, who is a Leo Sun with strong Capricorn placements. (Capricorn is the sign most associated with career!)

If you are having issues with purchasing - thank you for your patience. I am currently a one woman show with an international development team so we are fixing things as fast as we can! If you cannot purchase a report from your account > your charts > upgrade to paid report, please visit this link to make a purchase. Thank you! Reports take 5 - 10 business days to complete. Please contact alice [at] yoursaturn [dot] with any questions.