What is Career Astrology?

Astrology is a beautiful tool for self-reflection. I’ve used it to understand myself and the life I desire. For myself, I needed purpose and fulfillment in my career but had no answers. Astrology helped me find those answers. The resources on this website and my Career Astrology Readings are filled with information that has helped me and clients gain career clarity.


I use the Placidus system to read your chart. There are numerous ways to interpret a birth chart. Each has its own merits and it’s important for you to figure out which one resonates most with you! If this is your first reading and/or have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry! Just be open and allow your intuition to guide you. 


What is a Career Astrology Reading like?

We start off with a look at who you are and what you need to feel fulfilled. I then share potential ways to activate your purpose through roles and/or potential business ideas. Throughout the reading I will share who to best activate your superpowers and the types of people you need to help you thrive. I will also add in practical advice to make our session actionable. Example: How to manage challenges that will show up and when certain cycles of growth will start and end. Once you implement these insights after your reading, you’ll start to see major shifts. In fact, by booking the reading, already things are shifting for you.


Is a Career Astrology Reading right for you?

A Career Astrology Reading is perfect for those who need clarity on their next steps whether it’s looking for a promotion or your next job to starting a new business. I’ll let you know if you’re on the right path. During the reading, I’ll share more insights into your current situation, what’s holding you back, and next steps. It’s super helpful for those who have no idea what they should do next but they know what they don’t want. I’ll help you shift your energy and feel empowered about your next steps. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your values, and your skills/talents which is crucial to move forward in your career.


How long is a reading? How much does it cost?

When you book the session, I’ll ask for some information. You can also share what you want to focus on and any questions you may have. The session is for 45 minutes and is $333. You will get a recording too. This is great for those who want to have questions and want a live reading. For those who want something more budget friendly and don’t need to ask questions, the pre-recorded reading is a great option at $88. You get a recording that is 20 minutes with tons of astrological insights.




"Alice helped me uncover the root of the problems I've been facing. I felt so seen during the reading. I'm excited to explore what we spoke about and get started on my creative projects without hesitation!" -PL


Alice not only provided a reading on what is happening at present, but also provided future actions and considerations that will allow me to shift and align my thoughts and energy to my true purpose. I've attended both live and virtual events hosted by Alice and received a 1:1 Career Clarity Reading. At every engagement, I leave feeling inspired, energized, and at peace. I feel a deeper connection to my divine energy and a desire to dig deeper. -Meghan


I can’t stop thinking about our reading yesterday! I look forward to exploring more of what we spoke about. Thank you so much!! -AM


The session with Alice was powerful. She has a gift to see things from a different vantage point, pointing out blind spots with ease. She isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear - you are not necessarily going to hear what you want to hear, in a good way! She is a natural intuitive. -Maria Josefina


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